Watsonia currently field teams in the Northern Football Netball League Division 2 competition

We field Under 19's Reserves and Seniors


The under 19 team is a combined Watsonia and Mill Park group that play all home games at AK Lines Reserve, Watsonia. The team wears the Mill Park jumper and is a pathway for all Mill Park junior footballers through to senior football

Mill Park Juniour Football Club and the Watsonia Sporting Club have an existing Memorandum of Understanding that provides open dialogue and mutual respect between both clubs.

The unlitmate goal of the relationship is to keep youths playing and enjoying football after finishing their juniour careers with Mill Park. By participating with the Mill Park under 19 team the boys are exposed to the benefits of association with the Watsonia Club culture and ethos which is a fair go for everyone.

We hope this encourages participation through to our senior ranks and allows players to play all of their careers with familiar freinds and surroundings.


Bundoora Junior Football Club also have an MOU with the Watsonia Sporting Club. At time of writing we have lots of Bundoora juniors joining us to play under 19 football in a freindly and accomodating envirenmet. We hope that someday these boys also go on to represnet Watsonia in Senior Football ranks


Watsonia Sporting Club supports both junioir clubs with enior players attending training nights, invitations to join the senior players fro pre season training and regular training sessions throughout the season.

We also emoly the Under 19 Coach Joel Steindl who is also coaching the Mill Park under 16's in 2018